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City Lights and Stars featuring KUSH

City Lights and Stars featuring KUSH

Jul 03, 2015 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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The Gazebo & Grounds

City Lights and Stars continues with KUSH sponsored by Alabama Farm Credit. KUSH was formed in Huntsville, Alabama in January 2007, at the request of local DJ Marcus Sims (Global Grooves—WJAB). A group of friends, family, and few former Reggae Mystics, came together to play for a Bob Marley birthday celebration program. After the immense success of the event, band members decided to work together permanently. Since that time, KUSH has performed multiple venues throughout the Southeast.The name KUSH comes from an ancient African empire. Many artists have influenced KUSH. Reggae ambassador Bob Marley’s influence is quite evident in the “Roots,” while artists such as Sean Paul and Beenie Man have influenced the more hard hitting “Dance Hall” styles performed by the band. The group also receives inspiration from the many “Calypso” and “Soca” artists. Kush’s mainstream influences include Sade, Bob Dylan and Santana to name a few.

Cost: $10-$15 USD
Public Events    |    The Gazebo & Grounds

Event Location

The Gazebo & Grounds

3101 Burritt Drive, Huntsville, ALGet directions

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