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burritt brigadeBurritt on the Mountain celebrates the newest addition to our Volunteer Army, the Burritt Brigade! This group is composed of anyone who wants to come up on a Monday morning and lend a hand for fix it jobs, landscaping, painting or just changing light bulbs. The Burritt Brigade does it all and has fun to boot. Are you newly retired and want somewhere to go where you are appreciated? Are you between jobs and need a place to feel productive? Are you someone who likes to lend a hand in a practical way? The Burritt Brigade is for you! For more information about the Burritt Brigade or other ways to volunteer call Sherry Jones at 533-1365.

Burritt Brigade Hard at Work

Fixing the pig pensOn Monday mornings members of the Burritt Brigade show up, have a cup of coffee, talk about the recent football games, elections or whatever happened over the weekend and then get to work for Burritt. Their work here is invaluable to us and it seems to be pretty fun for them as well. At least the chickens are happy!


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