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We're Listening!
Members are the lifeblood of Burritt on the Mountain.
If there's something that YOU want as a Member or YOU like, we want to know about it. Please share whatever is on your mind.

Please contact Caroline Kelly at 512-5570 with your questions or suggestions.

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logo_mediumIf you are a new member we would like to know how you like us. Please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey and help us make your membership more valuable than ever.

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Your Dollars at Work

Construction_scaledcar_scaledHave you ever New Desoto exhibit scaledwanted to see Dr. Burritt's right handed DeSoto? Burritt on the Mountain has made it happen. Thanks to generous membership dollars and donations the beautifully restored vintage car has found a permanent home in, of all places, the garage! Visitors are able to view the car and learn more about its history in our brand new permanent exhibit space below the terrace.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 August 2014 13:05

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Schedule a Tour for your Class or Group

Schedule a Tour for your Class or Group

Educational guided tours for groups and classes are a meaningful and wonderful way to expl...

Take a Hike!

Take a Hike!

A variety of magnificent trails await you on Round Top Mountain that wind through pristine...

Give the Gift of Membership

Give the Gift of Membership

Perfect for young families on a budget. Wonderful for grandparents looking for a place t...

Mark Your Calendar!

Mark Your Calendar!

Make sure you don't miss an important event at Burritt on the Mountain! Check our calendar...

Adult Education (and Fun) Opportunities

Adult Education (and Fun) Opportunities

Burritt on the Mountain is all about education... but it's not JUST for kids! We are addin...

Need Directions?

Need Directions?

Get turn-by-turn driving directions from your doorstep to Burritt on the Mountain!

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