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Home Schooling Opportunities

Burritt on the Mountain educators are excited to offer a new year of Home School Happenings. Each month we offer an enrichment lesson that focuses on history, science, art, or a combination of the three. Each lesson includes a hands-on learning experience that utilizes our historic 1800s park and/or the beautiful woodland setting and trails. A handout that includes topical information and follow-up activities is provided.



Home School Happenings 2015-2016 (K-8th grade)

 Join us for another exciting year of K-8th grade home school classes at Burritt on the Mountain! We delight in finding ways to integrate history, science, and art into fun and fulfilling enrichment lessons for your student here at our unique museum site on Monte Sano. Each lesson includes a short oral presentation, a hands-on learning experience, and a handout featuring information and follow-up activities related to that month's topic. Learning comes alive at Burritt thanks to our lovely mountaintop setting, historic park, and 167-acre campus! 

Our home school classes are open to children from kindergarten to 8th grade. We offer multiple sessions each month to allow families to choose a time that best fits their schedule and needs. Sessions on the 1st and 2nd Tuesday of each month from 12:00-1:30 are geared for lower elementary students. Both sessions on the 2nd Wednesday of each month are designed for upper elementary and middle school students (9:30-11:00 and 12:00-1:30). We often make exceptions to these age designations so that siblings may attend class on the same day, so choose the class meeting that best suits your family's schedule.

Some classes fill up quickly, so send in your registration today! Students must be registered at least one week in advance to ensure that ample supplies are available. Unfortunately, due to limited space parents who choose to attend with their child must register and pay also.

 Cost: Each class is $10 for Burritt members and $11 for non-members.

Register and pay in advance for an entire semester's classes and get a 20% discount! To qualify for the discount, advance payments for fall semester classes are due by August 31. Advance payments for the spring semester are due by December 31.

To register, download and fill out a Home School registration form. Fax (256-532-1784) or mail this to us (3101 Burritt Dr., Huntsville AL 35801) along with your payment to register. We also accept registrations and payments in our Welcome Center, or you may pay over the phone with Visa or Mastercard by calling 256-5362882. Contact Meghan Laurey with any questions at  or 256-518-3931.

September: CottonWhen Cotton Was King the South and its economy were shaped by the production and sale of this critical crop. Students will learn about cotton and its influence on the South, past and present. How does cotton grow? How is it harvested and used? How do we use it today? We will investigate all these questions and more.

October: Domesticated/Wild AnimalsDomesticated and Wild Animals have many similarities and differences. Tour our barnyard to meet some domesticated farm animals with wild origins. Why do farmers raise goats? Sheep? Learn about urban wildlife and how animals have adapted to their surroundings.

November: Food Preparation & PreservationFood Preparation and Preservation was a challenge that our ancestors met with gusto. Find out how food was preserved in a time before refrigeration. We’ll learn how both smoke and water can help us keep food fresh. Try your hand in one of our kitchens and you may even get a taste of some homemade cooking!

December: Tin Punch ChristmasDecorations of the Past: Tin and Paper Punch are always popular crafts at the holiday season. Learn about tinsmithing, other metal arts, and the holiday decorations of the past. You’ll also make an ornament of your very own!

January: Old-Fashioned SchoolSchool Days in the 1800’s had some similarities with today, but we will see how school was different in many ways. Learn about the daily lives of children in the 1800’s, experience writing with a quill and ink, doing sums on a slate, and helping the teacher prepare the schoolhouse for lessons.

February: Technology of the 1800'sTechnology of the 1800’s is very different from today’s technology, but no less exciting! What technology was available for making furniture? Growing and preparing food? For hundreds of years people have been using technology to make their lives easier. Join us to see the differences between today’s technology and that of the past.

March: The Underground Railroad  The Underground Railroad had no tracks or train cars, but it moved thousands of slaves from the South to freedom in the North. Learn about who traveled on this journey and experience it yourself as we follow clues from one “safe” house to the next.

April: Mining on the MountainMining on the Mountain will fascinate students as we learn about mining (past and present), hike to an abandoned coal mine, and have fun at our sluice panning for rocks and minerals. Students will learn about the use of our natural resources and how those resources impact our lives.

May: Whimsical WoodsExplore fairy tales and other classic children’s literature of the 1800’s with a special journey through our Whimsical Woods summer feature! In the historic park we’ll engage with timeless stories and characters. We might learn about eggs with Humpty Dumpty, learn Little Miss Muffet’s lesson about spiders, or see what Jack & the Beanstalk can teach us about bartering for goods!

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