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Home Schooling Opportunities

Burritt on the Mountain educators are excited to offer a new year of Home School Happenings. Each month we offer an enrichment lesson that focuses on history, science, art, or a combination of the three. Each lesson includes a hands-on learning experience that utilizes our historic 1800s park and/or the beautiful woodland setting and trails. A handout that includes topical information and follow-up activities is provided.

Home School Happenings 2013-2014

Join us for another exciting year of home school enrichment classes at Burritt on the Mountain, where learning comes alive thanks to our lovely mountaintop setting, historic park, and 167-acre campus! We delight in finding ways to integrate history, science, and art into fun and fulfilling enrichment lessons for your student here at our unique museum site on Monte Sano.
Each lesson includes a short oral presentation, a hands-on learning experience, and a handout featuring information and follow-up activities related to that month's topic.

Who Kindergarten-8th grade homeschooled students
When Lower elementary on 1st Tuesday or 2nd Tuesday from 12:00-1:30; upper elementary & middle school on 2nd Wednesday from 9:30-11:00 or 12:00-1:30. Exceptions to these age designations will be made so that siblings may attend class on the same day.
How much $10 for Burritt members; $11 for non-members. Register at least one week in advance to ensure that ample supplies are available. Due to limited space parents who choose to attend with their child must register and pay.


To register, download and fill out a Home School registration form found at the bottom of this page. Fax (256-532-1784) or mail this to us (3101 Burritt Dr., Huntsville AL 35801) along with your payment. We also accept Visa & Mastercard in our Welcome Center or over the phone at 256-518-3931. Contact Kelly Fisk with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 256-518-3931.
Register and pay in advance for an entire semester's classes and get a 20% discount! Advance payments for fall semester classes are due by August 31. Advance payments for the spring semester are due by December 31.
If you have a group of 15 or more students, you may want to book a private class session or custom field trip for your group. Our programs can easily align with The Prairie Primer curriculum and lessons may be customized for your group's interests.

2013-2014 Monthly Topics:

September Herbs are good for more than just cooking! In the past, herbs were often used as medicine. Some people even made up their own language spoken only with herbs and flowers! Learn more when you visit our herb garden, explore how our ancestors used herbs, and make your own “tussie mussies” to send a message without words.
October Let’s go for a hike! Taking a short walk on one of our nature trails will give us the chance to explore a whole world of plants, animals, and rocks. We’ll get in touch with nature as we learn about the limestone formations found in our area and get to know some of our most common trees, birds, and bugs!
November American Indians have a long history in northern Alabama. Join us to learn about their lifestyles and to discuss the changes that happened during the period of Indian Removal, also known as the Trail of Tears. We will also explore different types of Indian-made tools and crafts, even making our own to take home!
December Holiday Wreaths are always a festive and popular seasonal decoration. We’ll learn about how different cultures celebrate their winter holidays and see how these traditions have changed over time. We will also craft our very own historic wreath out of corn shucks!
January Basket weaving is a fun and useful skill that has a long history in many cultures. Join us to explore how people have made and used their baskets in the past, and even weave a real basket of your own!
February Natural Dyes from plants were the best way to color your clothes in the 18th and 19th centuries. Join us to discover what types of plants people used to dye their clothes. We will have fun making our own natural dyes and using them to color something that you can take home!
March Orienteering is a wonderful way to learn about mapping, measurement, geometry, and cardinal directions. We will get to know our compasses as we romp across Burritt’s site looking for hidden treasures.
April Try the Trades! In the 1800’s a young person would learn a trade, or specialized skill, so that they could make a living – maybe as a blacksmith, woodworker, potter, seamstress, or candlemaker. Join us to get a taste of what life might be like as an apprentice learning a trade and take home a candle you’ll make the old-fashioned way!
May Folk Art & Face Jugs are a memorable part of our American culture. Face jugs are a uniquely American style of pottery with faces shaped into the clay. We’ll learn about their history and origins, and then you will make your very own face jug pottery to take home!


Check our Calendar for a list of upcoming Homeschool Happenings!

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