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Home Schooling Opportunities

Burritt on the Mountain educators are excited to offer a new year of Home School Happenings. Each month we offer an enrichment lesson that focuses on history, science, art, or a combination of the three. Each lesson includes a hands-on learning experience that utilizes our historic 1800s park and/or the beautiful woodland setting and trails. A handout that includes topical information and follow-up activities is provided.



Home School Happenings 2014-2015 (K-8th grade)

 Join us for another exciting year of K-8th grade home school classes at Burritt on the Mountain! We delight in finding ways to integrate history, science, and art into fun and fulfilling enrichment lessons for your student here at our unique museum site on Monte Sano. Each lesson includes a short oral presentation, a hands-on learning experience, and a handout featuring information and follow-up activities related to that month's topic. Learning comes alive at Burritt thanks to our lovely mountaintop setting, historic park, and 167-acre campus! Classes meet on the 1st Tuesday, 2nd Tuesday, and 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Download this file (Home School Happenings 2014-2015.pdf)Home School Happenings 2014-2015.pdf678 kB08/26/2014

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Upper-Level Home School History (7th-12th grade)

Students in grades 7-12 will enjoy these 1 ½ -hour classes where we will grapple with some of history's most intriguing and complicated stories. In addition to building important knowledge about these parts of American history, students will also gain an appreciation for the value of primary sources in investigating the past and learn to do primary source investigation themselves as we search for answers. Each of these three topics is uniquely tied in to our local history, with the intent of growing students' appreciation for the history that is in our own backyard.

Last Updated on Friday, 21 November 2014 16:07

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