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Your Donations are Critical To Burritt on the Mountain

Burritt on the Mountain, through your donations, offers a unique resource to make the wonders of history and the natural world come alive for everyone. The generosity of individuals and companies alike, support Burritt’s vital work in education. Through festivals, camps, and special off and on-site programs we have been able to reach visitors for over 55 years. We appreciate your generosity. If you have any questions about donations or sponsorships please call Caroline Kelly at 512-5570 for a free tour to see how your dollars are at work.

Make a Donation to Burritt on the Mountain...

Or Consider Membership at Any Level that Suits Your Capabilities:

$30 to $59
$60 to $74
COUPLE Membership
$75 to $99
$100 to $249
PIEDMONT Benefactor
$250 to $499
FOOTHILLS Benefactor
$500 to $999
PLATEAU Benefactor
$1000 or more
SUMMIT Benefactor

Your monetary gift to Burritt on the Mountain is not only crucial to the realization of our mission of "enhancing lives and building community through educational, artistic, and recreational experiences while preserving our heritage, land, and historic structures," but requisite to our ability to maintain and improve our services and facilities; only possible with your support.

Your donation is used for:

  • Educational programs,
  • Four Free Days a year,
  • Feeding and care for our Barnyard Buddies,
  • Upkeep of Historic Structures and Trails.
  • And more!

Although you may choose to donate any amount, your gift within the ranges listed above, right, will automatically qualify you to receive the corresponding Membership or Benefactor designation with related perks (click here for additional Membership information).

Burritt on the Mountain is a nonprofit charitable organization (NPO) with 501(c)3 as indicated by the IRS.
All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please click the "MAKE A DONATION ONLINE" button below to securely and conveniently make your donation online. Your donation will be confirmed via email and, for gift amounts greater than $25, a separate confirmation from our staff about your Membership/Benefactor status and attendant benefits will follow.

If you have any questions, special requests for the handling or designation of your donation, or wish to discuss other ways to express your support, please email Caroline Kelly, Director of Development, or call her at (256) 512-5570.



If you have any questions or wish to make an anonymous or memorial donation, dedicate or otherwise distinguish your gift, or discuss other ways to express your support for Burritt on the Mountain, please call Caroline Kelly at 256-512-5570, or send her an email message.

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